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Pumi kennel «Szürkebarát»

We entered into the pumis’ world in September 1991, when we bought our first — and certainly not last — pumi. Impressed by the love we received from him, and by the temperament, intellectual and physical qualities so typical of this breed, we fell in love with this breed and started to get involved with pumis more and more.

Our path as breeders a little bit differs from the traditional way. We did not buy a female dog and than started to breed with her. Our first litter was only born in 1997. In the intermediary 6 years we developed the breeding team, with whom we could realize our breeding conceptions. We visited very many — practically all important — kennels, we talked to the breeders about their ideas, about their vision of pumis. This way we collected a lot of information. These pieces of information created the base for our computer database, which we are using up to this very day.

We created our vision of the pumi, the one we would like to represent in our breeding. An image that perfectly suits the standard of the breed, and that is at the same time a little special, well differentiated within the breed. An image that is typical to our kennel, a type that you can identify as a «Szürkebarát» dog at first sight.

The objective of our kennel is to breed dogs who are not only — but naturally — good looking, but have also a stable nervous system, good health, herding instinct and positive temperament. We are aware that we can only reach our goals with a large quantity of good quality pumis answering to our expectations. But we also believe that it is not appropriate to keep too many pumis together in the same place.

In order to solve this paradox and in order to to achieve our breeding objectives, we created our breeding team. The point of this team is that each of the pumis who are owned or co-owned by us have their own families, their own «masters», who take care of them, educate them, love them. These owners accept our breeding objectives, the breeding, examining and showing of these dogs is done according to our coordination. This is a relatively new style of breeding, but it is not unique, it exists in other countries, and more and more people choose this form of quality breeding in Hungary as well. It works for us.

The purposeful breeding work that we follow, and in which we make no compromises, has brought us results. In the past decade 145 Szürkebarát pumis were born in 24 litters. Several of them succeeded in winning champion titles of Hungary or other countries, 9 are interchampions, 4 are World champions, 8 European champions. Besides this, what may be even more important, 30 of them had hip displasia examinations, 28 of them proved to be totally free of displasia. 12 of our pumis are or were actively working as herding dogs, another 14 of our pumis have successfully passed a herding instinct exam. Many Szürkebarát dogs popularize their breed in foreign countries. Our pumis can be found in Finland, the USA, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Serbia, Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Lithuania and France.

We honestly state that in this breed we have found everything that can be found in a real dog. This love will probably never pass. We commited ourselves to the Pumi breed forever.

Why A Pumi?

It was a coincidence. Our children wanted a puppy. After long pressure form them we finally gave up and we agreed to buy a smaller size Hungarian breed. We did not need to search for a pumi breeder, because one our aquaintances was breeding pumis. We simply put down our name for the waiting-list, and in 6 months’ time we brought home our little black furry energy bomb — Ebugatta Kristály. This is how everything started…

Why A «Szürkebarát»?

Kristály was growing and when he finally grew up he was grey — and he was our friend. A friend, who always kept one of his eyes on his master and who was always at his masters’ side, ready to act. He became a real friend — a «Grey Friend». This was also one of his many nicknames. So it was obvious for us that every little puppy born in our litters will be a «Grey Friend» to his or her future master. (Szürkebarát = Grey Friend in word-to-word translation, also the name for a famous Hungarian wine type.)


CURIOSITY: «Szürkebarát» — this greyish-blueish type of grapes (pinot gris) was imported to Hungary during the 17th—18th centuries from France, the same country where the pumis’ ancestors originated. «Szürkebarát» was also the name of an order of monks who nationalized this type of grapes and started to produce wine from it. Today «Szürkebarát» is one of the famous types of Hungarian wines.


Gold-wreath Master Breeder Award

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