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What you can know about your future puppy

The objective of our kennel is to breed pumis who are not only — but naturally — good looking, but have also a stable nervous system, human-centred character, good health, herding instinct and excellent temperament. We are aware that we can only reach our goals with a large quantity of good quality pumis answering to our expectations. But we also believe that it is not appropriate to keep too many pumis together in the same place.

In order to solve this paradox and in order to achieve our breeding objectives, we created our breeding team. The point of this team is that each of the pumis who are owned or co-owned by us have their own families, their own «masters», who take care of them, educate them, love them. These owners accept our breeding objectives, the breeding, examining and showing of these dogs is done according to our coordination.

All our pumi puppies are registered by Hungarian Kennel Club, the member of FCI. All breeding stock has an official FCI hip rating of A, B or C, healthy patellas and eyes. Our litters are carefully planned, we know our bloodlines and study pedigrees. We know all pumis who are on all our dogs' pedigrees personally from 1991. Our dogs are very precious to us and we take great care to ensure that our bitches are in the best of health and the top of condition before we consider mating them. We are breeding for a hobby, not for a business. We strive to produce quality not quantity.

We are breeding not just to produce puppies, we are breeding to further improve of pumi breed by our breeding programme. We do not always have pumi puppies immediately available. Future owners may have to wait months or years for a puppy from our kennel.

At our kennel we only breed at that time, when we (or our co-owners) as a family decide, that we (or they) have the time to raise, educate, socialize and place a litter. We have no kennels. Our puppies are born and raised indoor in our home or homes of mother’s families, so they can become accustomed to day-to-day life in a family. They are provided a safe and clean environment where they are watched carefully and receive lots of human and if possible animal and other dog contact. All of our puppies receive early human contacts from the moment they were born. They receive individual attention, as well as group play on a daily basis. Beginning at four-five weeks of age the puppies have daily playtime outdoors, where they can run and explore the outdoor’s world.

Each and every puppy in our litters receives all of the necessary care and attention that they need in order to grow up into happy, secure adults. Each puppy is an individual with its own unique style and we rely mainly on observing and interacting with the puppies, instead of scientific puppy tests, to determine their individual personality traits. We may make recommendations for or against a particular puppy in the litter, however, we let future owners have the final decision. We normally do not set up the final evaluation of a puppy before 6-7 weeks. We will pick the puppy that we believe is best for future owners together with them.

Puppies are wormed four times and are vaccinated twice at 8 weeks. All of our puppies go to their new homes with microchips inserted, an export FCI-pedigree, a pet passport and a contract. Our contracts guarantee against inherited genetic diseases which make the puppy unsuitable for the intent for which it was purchased. However, our pumi puppies are not merchandize which can be guaranteed to function in a prescribed manner nor can they be discarded or replaced if they suffer from ill-health or other problems.

Buying a puppy is a big decision. We as responsible, ethical breeders want responsible, ethical buyers. A puppy is a living and feeling individual that needs to be loved and cared for, for its entire lifetime. A dog is for life and owners have to be willing to make the time, invest the effort and take the emotional, practical and financial risks involved in loving and caring for a vulnerable living creature if they consider buying a dog from us.

We recommend basic training for all of our puppies. We also encourage participation in dog sports and shows, by offering rebates for titles. The happiness and well-being of our puppies is our number one concern! We choose to sell most of our puppies as loving companions to individual or family homes. We are looking for homes where dogs are valued for themselves first and foremost, and not for their achievements in show, work or sport. That's the added bonus.

Whether the puppies are used as herding dogs, show or agility competitors, kept outdoors or are sofa comrades, we want them to be part of a family and would like to be informed about important events in their life. We will contact owners from time to time as to how the puppy is progressing and will look forward to owners sending us pictures and keeping us appraised of the puppy's progress. For this reason, under absolutely no circumstances will a puppy be sold or consigned to pet shops or other commercial dealers. Our dogs should never be regarded as status symbols, consumer goods or children's toys.

We carefully screen our buyers to assure our pumi puppies are properly matched to the lifestyle and personality of their new home. Therefore, we would like to know as much about them, their household, their schedule and their ability to properly care for a puppy (throughout its entire lifetime), as they want to know about our puppies.

Deposits are taken only after we know that we have a puppy for future owner. For this reason, deposits are non-refundable, unless the puppy is not available for delivery at 8 weeks of age. If we believe there is no suitable puppy for future owners in our litter, we will ask them to wait. If they want to have «Szürkebarát» puppy as much as they now think they do.