Anyone who has ever lived together with a Pumi knows, that they feel an overhelming urge to be in the centre and to star in their own small world.

In the 17th—18th centuries the terrier-like herding dogs of French origin who accompanied the merino sheep to Hungary were interbred with the Hungarian breed Puli. This is how this facetious breed came into existence. This mixing resulted in an unparalleled «coctail», the Hungarian shepherd terrier.

In pumis, all the good qualities of pulis are unified with the terrier features of the breeds taking part in the interbreeding.

It can stand the hardships of weather well. A robust and hardy dog that can be kept indoors or out.

It is extremely many-sided. Its natural environment is the flock or the herd and of course the proximitly of the shepherd, but it is also excellently apt for a watch-dog — it immediately reacts to the lowest unusual noise, baying eagerly. It also adopts quickly to flats, to luxurious environment. Its great advantage in this case, too, is the short fur, which can be kept clean and showy with one combing per week.

The temperment of the Pumi is a traditional herding dog's, easily taught, but with a little terrier thrown in so that they are interested in everything that's going on. They are very affectionate, but can bond to just one person in a family if that person is the only one who spends time with them. A Pumi will be more sociable within a family where several devote their time to the dog whose attention also naturally includes the whole flock. Sometimes the Pumi puppy can need a friendly push out into the world by taking them lots of different places, so that it will become a confident adult. The Pumi can be reserved towards strangers as a young adult, but if socialized will learn to happily deal with those outside its immediate family.

A Pumi needs to use its mind and if not given tasks to do, will invent them, usually to the chagrin of its family. It is a good size for a lap dog, and likes to be petted, but may not stay for long if something else is going on. It also likes to be in high places, all the better to check out what's going on outside or on the kitchen counter. The Pumi wants to be where the action is, or as close to the center of happenings as possible. It hates to be shoo'ed or sent away, for as a full family member the Pumi takes it for granted that it should have reasonable rights and absolute admission to all the flock's activities. A sufficiently eventful daily life, free of long hours of boredom alone, is enough for most Pumis. After one quiet day the next should be compensated with bouncing about on a long excursion. Tennis balls and frizbees are especially important toys and they may be rather demanding about having them thrown.

The Pumi is super intelligent, self assertive. Autonomous, it is an «individual» always stating its opinios about everything. At the same time it is receptive, easy to be taught, «human-centered».

Pumis are intensely curious. Nothing escapes their attention. Nothing.

The terrier's passion for rat hunting lives in the Pumi.

It is not possible to exhaust a Pumi. They bubble with energy. It is hot-tempered, searching, sniffing all the time, eagerly watching and completing orders individually, a colleague able to cope with several hundred sheep alone.

Pumis have a real sense of humor which is probably a valuable asset for a pig herder. As it is usually said, pumis are «real clowns with enormous brains», real companions of man.

The Pumi is a herding and/or watch dog, and uses it's bark to help with its herding. In other words — it loves to bark, and must be taught very young when it is appropriate to use its voice. It's in its nature to give alarm when someone knocks on your door or something comes close to its house. It is not possible to keep the dog entirely quiet, but it should be trained to understand when it is enough. It is in the Pumi owner's interest to clearly tell where the boundary lays and what is clearly permitted. Training must be consistent and firm. The Pumi is very stubborn and smart enough to see through its owners weaknesses, and if you have a tendency to be compliant the Pumi will immediately find the loopholes. It is also quick enough to foresee its slow owner and achieve its goal before its owner knows what happened. The Pumis soft appearance is deceiving, and belies their active nature. The Pumi is what is usually called «a lot of dog in a small package».

In everyday live pumis are best suited to houses with a garden; however, if their master is ready to satisfy their great need of exercise, they may be kept in a block of flats as well. Those who choose this healty breed, that is resistant to illnesses, will find their dog a long-lived, funny companion, and a really original fellow.